Helping empowering farmers by improve Halal Traceability

live stock sheep from blockchain technology

Empowering farmers, eliminating fraud and providing greater sustainability as well as assurance throughout the food cycle has always been a key objective and responsibility of Halal Trail. Having achieved this, through the creation and development of break-through systematic operations.

We aim to do this using the implementation of a number of diverse techniques, such as blockchain technology, unique identification tag and a combination of other methods at our disposal.

“With no single owners’ profit can be evenly shared by the whole the blockchain empowering farmers and bottom workers.”

The importance of farmers and in particular the meat trade has always been of significance to Halal Trail, due to its origins and expertise in the field, as well as in general the priority of “Halal” meat and other food produce, within Muslim communities and as a whole, the global Muslim world. 

Previous fraud and meat scandals generally costing millions, have demonstrated a need in the market for such services and facilities, to which we have the capabilities of accompany and cater for. 

We aim to subsequently promote quality foods, by stopping adulteration and contamination by entities in order to inflate their financial gain, at any step of the food cycle. Whilst also, helping international farmers who are merely living upon the breadline, to make a surplus income and survive. Furthermore, we aspire to transform the supple chain into a sleek model, ensuring direct traceability from field to fork, to which we have achieved.

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