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Downloadable App to Track and Trace Simple a Touch Away

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Trace Your Meat

Guaranteeing Complete Traceability From Field to the Fork  


Providing our Customers Peace of Mind, Ensuring Quality and Halal Certification

Integrity Matters in Supply Chain Excellence

Ambitious Goals need Ambitious Solutions

Halal Trail aims to raise standards across the global Halal meat industry. We believe that the collection of immutable data and the recording of all activities of participants in supply chains will create a ‘new norm’ of excellence. These data blocks will encourage adherence to not only best practice in quality assurance, authenticity and animal welfare, but in addition ‘assured adherence’ to religious observance for the consumer.

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Visibility on our blockchain as source of provenance, will be invaluable for building brand & reputation. Producers work with us in promoting culture of guardianship and welfare of livestock, thereby supporting our mission of tayyub.

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Distributors in our ecosystem ‘complete the Halal Trail’, enjoying increased credibility. Their identity within our ecosystem will be a driver of take up and loyalty by delivering ‘tangible trust’ into their operations.

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MIcro Finance

Verified distributors integrated within our unique yet highly secure electronic system, ‘completing the halal trail’. Whilst providing ‘increased credibility’, transparency and greater efficiency, alongside enabling for distributions to further expand current operations.

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We believe the ‘collective will’ of the Halal Trail ecosystem & platform, could energise & profoundly influence the building of a consensus authority on Halal standards & certification across the global supply of Halal meat products.

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Our singular purpose is to empower the discerning consumer with accurate and real time evidence, objective and community curated information so they can make informed choices. Their ‘trust’ is the very core of our mission.

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Zakat Distributuion

Allowing for zakat to be distributed throughout our fair, competent and sophisticated eco-system, whilst also allowing for oneself in fulfilling one of the crucial pillars of Islam and completing ones Islamic responsibilities.








App Users

Trusted By Farmers, Distributers and Clients.

by ensuring quality to the end users we are empowering the farmers

About Us

Welcome To Halal Trail

Our highly sophisticated framework of mobile and digital platforms, as well as network of farmers, retailers and a reliable base of clientele. Enabling for feedback, alongside the digital contrast and monitorisation to help our customers make the right decision.  
  • Supply Chain Real Time
  • Data Capture, Data Integrity and Immutability
  • Delivering trust in Halal authentication
  • IoT and Blockchain Integration
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Meeting a Worldwide need in Halal Traceability and Provenance

"1.8 Billion Muslims" (Source: PEW Research) | "24% of the worlds population"

"The Halal food market is forecasted to reach $2.57 Trillion by 2024" (Source: Statista)

“The Halal Trail blockchain food traceability solution will deliver significant and tangible benefits to the worlds Muslim population, both in terms of physical health and Halal assurance.” - Halal Trail prospectus 2018

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Download our Mobile App to Gain Greater Accessibility and Control Over Your Food Using Simple a Swipe of a Finger

User Review & Feedback

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Market & Customers

- Muslim population growth. Blockchain IT solution using existing mobile phone technology.
- Immediate advancement of countries IT systems.
- Rapid access for poorer Muslim in accessing development finance.