Complete Halal Traceability trough Blockchain Technology

Blockchain in Halal Food Sector

Blockchain technologies are a modern advancement throughout current technologies, which may be utilised to allow for the confirmation of authenticity, whilst also representing a viable way in providing confirmation and traceability.

Halal Trail completely understands the benefits and technological capabilities blockchain may provide and has integrated such an exceptional system throughout their operations, thereby making them one of the only companies internationally who possess, utilise and can merge such technologies within any food cycle, unlike the services a vast majority of organisations on the current market

“Blockchain is now becoming the next era of digitalization of the Islamic Economy, taking the Halal Food Sectors to greater heights of development and perfection…”

In simple terms the concept of Halal Trail Blockchain technologies is a decentralized, distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset. Additionally, due to the design and structure of the blockchain, it is unable to be modified or changed, making it a prime candidate as a key component in our systems in providing reliability and credibility. Hence, allowing for it to be a prime tool for payment and cybersecurity.

Halal Trail aims to and has successfully combined such technologies throughout various food cycles, including farming and in particular meat. As a result, empowering framers and providing credibility to the source and origin of the food. Whilst also elevating the commercial value of such foods, by giving it verification of accuracy upon where exactly it had come from, whether this be the mountains of Afghanistan or the peaks of Cumbria.

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